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I would like to take part in the Consultation on new Governance Models for Executive Arrangements, also I would like to publicise this consultation a bit more as it seems to lack the publicity one would expect.
By this I mean there doesnít seem to have been a press release about it nor does it appear on the councilís consultation web page at http://www.thanet.gov.uk/council__democracy/consultation.aspx

There are some aspects of the consultation that appear to have been presented in a somewhat biased manner, it may well be that I have misunderstood something here so would appreciate any clarification you could give me.
The only mention I can find of this consultation on the councilís website is at http://www.thanet.gov.uk/council__democracy/cllrs_democracy__elections/governance_models_consultation.aspx if there is any consultation form or online survey about this I canít find it.

Please could you let me know if either of these are available on the councilís website?

The main area where I would like clarification is about the difference of cost between the two options and the way in which the council would proceed if the mayoral option were taken.

It appears from what is said on the councilís website that were the mayoral option to be approved as the preferred option this would necessitate a further and expensive election.

Could you please explain why a mayoral election couldnít take place at the same time as the May 2011 council elections?

Where is says that the councilís initial preference is for the new-style Leader and Cabinet model, what is meant by the council in this instance? By this I mean are the councillors included in this reference to the council or does this only mean some or all of the officers? Does this mean that all of the officers including yourself are unanimous in supporting the preference for the new-style Leader and Cabinet model?

It appears that in this instance the councilís main concern and their reason for supporting new-style Leader preference relates to the councils inability to remove a democratically elected mayor can you please confirm that this is the case?
In the instance of the council removing a leader does the word ďcouncilĒ mean the same as it does in terms of preferring the new-style Leader option?

Is there any part of the council where I could obtain impartial advice about this issue?

Will the summary of consultation responses be available on the councilís website?

If it will, then will it be available there before the councilís decision?

When will the summary of consultation responses be available for the public to view?

Please could you confirm your receipt of this email as I have had difficulties with the councilís email server in the past?

In view of the very short time remaining I hoping for a prompt reply from you, if you canít reply today will you please tell me when you will be able to reply by?

Further notes:
My address is
72 King Street
CT11 8NY
U. K.

Telephone (01843) 589500
Any information I publicise about this will not contain any officers names or contact details.
Best regards Michael





Re: Consultation on new Governance Models for Executive Arrangements
29/11/2010 13:17:16 GMT Standard Time

Mr Child

I acknowledge receipt pf your email, which I will reply to within the
next few days.


**** ****
Democratic Services & Scrutiny Manager
Thanet District Council