Martin Wise
RE: Leisure Facilities in Thanet
09/05/2004 17:00:57 GMT Daylight Time
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Dear Mr. Child,
I am in receipt of your E-mail regarding the above.
For your information, I am in support of the current proposal for the sale of the Pleasurama site for development as housing/hotel/retail, and voted in favour of the proposal at the Council meeting of 1st April. My position, which I believe is shared by all my Cabinet colleagues, is that this proposal satisfies the Council's original objectives for the development of the site, and that it will have a significant positive impact for Ramsgate in the years ahead.
With regard to your concerns about the provision of leisure facilities in Ramsgate - I share your interest in this matter. To help you understand how the Council intend to achieve provision of appropriate facilities for Thanet as a whole, I would draw`your attention to the TDC Best Value Performance Plan 2003-04

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(p34), which states as one of its objectives "The development, agreement and implementation of a strategy for future leisure investment following local consultation". I understand that the strategy will be available for comment in the coming months, and suggest that you write to the Head of Leisure, Culture and Tourism (Ms. Jill Franks) with your views, so that she is able to take them into account.
The Performance Plan for the coming year, which is still in draft format, continues this theme.
I hope this clarifies a number of issues for you.
Martin Wise (Cllr.)
Cabinet Member for Resources